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just bust a move

September 27, 2011

If I leave to walk to class without my ipod, the day is off to a bad start. I have that bad boy plugged into my ears as much as humanly possible because it’s the closest I can get to having a personal soundtrack to my life.

The only flaw in being constantly “plugged in,” is the self-control I have to exert to keep myself from breaking into song and dance in public. Come on, you know what i’m talking about.  You spend hours downloading a killer playlist and then all you want to do is shake ya groove thang and fully enjoy the music, but the sheer terror of being gawked at by your peers is just enough to keep you from busting a move.

Sadly, my pleas to the Obama administration to forget unemployment and focus on legislation that prevents P.D.S, public dance shaming, have gone unanswered. Although you may not be able to dance in public without a severe loss in Facebook friends, I will still provide you with my new favorite playlist for walking to class.

WARNING: listening to this playlist in public may cause impulsive and often uncontrollable dancing and/or singing. Listen at your own discretion.

#1. Who doesn’t love Duck Sauces homage to everyones favorite large nosed thespian, Barbara Streisand. But if you’re really looking for a song that can get you out of bed for 8am Econ, you need something a little stronger. Introducing, a site that inserts your name into the infamous song.  Now you can concededly enjoy walking to class as a mystery techno background and some very repetitive oooing.

#2. Coldplay’s new song, “Paradise.”

#3. Vamos A Los Levels is a fabulous remix of Avicils’s “Levels” and “Vamos a la Playa.”

#4. Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks (Bridge and Law Remix)

#5. “Sail” by AwolNation is the perfect anthem to play when you have to go kick some ass on a test.

#6. “Higher Love” by James Vincent McMorrow

The last three are some of my favorite songs from The Kooks new album ‘Junk of the Heart.’

#7. “Rosie”

#8. “Is It Me

#9, Cover “All That She Wants”

#10. “Fuck The World Off


A la music, a la dancing, a la Public Displays of Musical Affection, and always…

A la mode,



crafting and toothless

September 7, 2011

A week before returning to Bloomington I had the pleasant experience of having my wisdom teeth removed.  One infection, 2 weeks worth of antibiotics and 17,462,827,392 bowls of ice cream later, I’m happy to say I have finally recovered. Having been reduced to an involent, I was forced to seek out new forms of entertainment that didn’t require eating solid foods. Naturally I would turn to feeding my insatiable appetite for trashy TV, however when I started overloading the bronzer and teasing my poof, I knew I had to stop.

Naturally my second step was to begin crafting and make decorations for my desk at school. My goal was to make a unique whiteboard for my roommates and I. This is what I came up with.

#1. Go to a vintage furniture shop and find any antique frames that catch your eye. I personally like gold gilded frames. If you’re looking to save money, try and find a frame thats a standard size. You’ll see why in a bit.

#2. Go to the nearest craft store and ask the framing desk to cut you styrofoam to fit the inside of the frame. Then find whatever pattern tickles your fancy to stick in the frame and cut enough fabric to fully cover the backing. I bought an anchor iron-on patch to add a little more color to the frame. As for the glass (what makes the frame a whiteboard) find a discount pre-packaged frame that you can easily remove the glass from. This is usually cheaper than having someone cut the glass for you.

#3. Lay your fabric pattern side down and cut diagonally on the corners to remove excess fabric.

#4. Glue the edges of the fabric onto the foam board. Add any extra detail to the front of the board before you place it in the frame.

#5. Finally assemble your frame with a flat panel of glass in front and you’re  finished!

Boo to dry sockets. Yipee for crafting!

A la frames, a la cheap crafts, and of course…

A la mode,


back to school with a bang!

September 2, 2011

Going back to school means back to blogging  and I couldn’t be more excited! The best part is that I have exciting news to share with all of you to start the year off right. Yesterday, I found out that I was accepted to Teen Vogue’s Fashion University this fall.  I will be attending three days of conferences with a variety of people in the fashion industry including Proenza Shouler, Amy Astley, and Michael Kors, and taking pictures the entire weekend to share with all of you!

I thought I would upload a few pieces of my application in case anyone is looking to apply for next year. Here is my essay on how I would define my personal style.

If I were to represent my style in a want add it would read, “19 year-old romantic seeking 80 year-old boyfriend to steal clothes from.”  Although I’m not actually seeking a boyfriend with a senior citizen discount, my closet would argue otherwise. I can’t seem to have enough thick wool men’s sweaters, army boots or fedoras. I’m sure this is partly from being from Minnesota where those who don’t dress for survival succumb to natural selection and freeze to death. However weather aside, my personal style recipe requires equal parts men’s apparel and girly romantic separates.

On any given day you could see me wearing my grandpa’s XXL off white wool sweater over a light pink leotard tucked into black tapered cigarette jeans. As for accessories, I love to wear jewelry that reminds me of people I love, like the rusted brown and gold watch that my Dad received when he got his first promotion, or the clutch my grandma brought on her honeymoon.

I may only be 19, but my closet argues I’m 91. At least I can feel comfortable that the day my Oxfords turn into Orthopedics, I’ll already have the wool sweaters to match.

October 21st could not come soon enough!

A la Teen Vogue, a la New York,  a la HOLY CRAP I’M SO EXCITED, and always…

A la mode,


holy mint moly

May 10, 2011

My world has officially been rocked. After years of being a self-proclaimed chocolate chip cookie hater, it looks as though my taste buds have changed. I just made what can only be described as the best take on chocolate cookies EVER! Thanks to Stumpleupon, I found the worlds best recipe for mint chocolate chip cookies.

1 pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker® sugar cookie mix
1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon mint extract
6 to 8 drops green food color
1 egg
1 cup creme de menthe baking chips
1 cup semisweet chocolate chunks

After deciding to bake them, I realized my lacking of a few ingredients was going to force me to tweak the recipe, and boy am I glad I did. Instead of using mint extract, I used peppermint extract. This made the mint much more noticeable and gave the cookies a cold mint after taste, yum. I was also missing creme de menthe chips, so I substituted them by chopping up a cup of Andes mints. I preferred this to chips because I could chop the chunks larger so that they were more predominant in the actual cookies. The last change I made to the recipe was to only add 3/4 a cup of chocolate chips to prevent them from overpowering the mint flavor.

Eight minutes and 350 degrees later, my taste-buds were in heaven! And, because I have absolutely no control over my diet, I chased two cookies with a giant bowl of chocolate ice cream covered with cookie crumbles…Holy mint moly.

Aside from the muffin top that follows said cookie binges, I am so happy I decided to make this recipe. How perfect would these be for St. Patricks Day?  If you’re looking for an easy baking project that will wow your friends and family, this recipe is it!

Muffin tops and mint cookies for all!

A la mint, a la cookies, a la I am soooooo full, and of course…

A la mode,


if I went to the royal wedding…

April 29, 2011

I don’t know if you have heard, but apparently a wedding occurred this morning? Could the media cover this story a little more? Media coverage of the wedding started at 6 AM this morning! I don’t know about you, but my love for sleep heavily outweighs my interest in people with cute accents and bad teeth.

There is one aspect of the royal wedding that has caught my attention in full, the hats. Apparently it is a long standing tradition to wear obnoxious head pieces to royal weddings, and I am in full support of this tradition. I LOVE hats, and wish they were more prevalent in todays society. Fun historical fact, hats, especially in mens wear, dramatically declined in popularity after JFK was the first president to be inaugurated without wearing one.

I’ll let this one slide JFK considering how much I am in love with your wife. Thankfully William and Kate have picked up the slack and brought hats back into the spotlight.

I am fascinated by the Fascinator (ya see what I did there). A fascinator is a large head piece that is smaller than a hat and often is adorned with feathers, flowers, and diamonds. Kate Middelton made quite a scene when she stepped out wearing this feathered beauty by Vivienne Sheriff.

What better way to say , “Hey, i’m royal and rich now,” than to stick a giant bird on your head and adorn it with diamonds. If I had attended the royal wedding, these are some of the Rachel Trevor-Morgan hats  I would have loved to wear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A la England,  a la Kate looked beautiful, a la hats. The royal wedding was so…

A la mode,


scarf me up

April 27, 2011

With summer quickly approaching, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with scarves. They are the chameleons of the accessory world. One day it’s a headband, next a belt, then an addition to a bowler bag…The possibilities are endless.

My favorite vintage store, Material Plane, offers a wide variety of scarves for only $6 A PIECE! I recently bought 2 different vintage scarves there. One is a basic water color blend of shades of orange, blue and yellow. The other is much larger and has a paisley paisley print with pink, blue, and yellow.

Here are some of the ways I have been sporting scarves this spring! has been my recent online resources in exploring the uses of scarves. The site gives you a video, an photo guide as to how to tie a scarf in any form possible. Theses are some of my favorites.

The Rosette Wrap

The Chain Not (Notice the models excitement in the video)

And of course, everything looks better with a giant bow.

If you’re looking to invest in some summer scarves, here are some of my online favorites…


Scarves by sherihickey featuring a floral shawl

$27 –

ASOS floral shawl
$27 –

$24 –

$24 –

Sheer shawl
$24 –

A la scarves, a la spring, and of course…
A la mode,

Van Morrison on my mind

April 20, 2011

Happy wednesday! I have sadly been stuck in the library for the past 5 days trying to recover from not doing any homework for the past week. Thank you Little 500. Hours in the library means hours of me distracting myself by finding new music to listen to online.  Once again I find that old music is the best music, and these classic have been on repeat on my ipod lately.

Van Morrison – Why did I not listen to him more before this week? Please do yourself a favor and tickle your ears with some Van Morrison classics. A few of my favorites include…

(Lovely lip syncing Van. Way to stick it to the man)

Van Morrison AND Bob Dylan in ONE VIDEO…? Consider this an early Christmas present.

Here’s to rocking out the rest of the semester away.

A la Van Morrison, a la my new study buddy, and always…

A la mode,


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