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Van Morrison on my mind

April 20, 2011

Happy wednesday! I have sadly been stuck in the library for the past 5 days trying to recover from not doing any homework for the past week. Thank you Little 500. Hours in the library means hours of me distracting myself by finding new music to listen to online.  Once again I find that old music is the best music, and these classic have been on repeat on my ipod lately.

Van Morrison – Why did I not listen to him more before this week? Please do yourself a favor and tickle your ears with some Van Morrison classics. A few of my favorites include…

(Lovely lip syncing Van. Way to stick it to the man)

Van Morrison AND Bob Dylan in ONE VIDEO…? Consider this an early Christmas present.

Here’s to rocking out the rest of the semester away.

A la Van Morrison, a la my new study buddy, and always…

A la mode,


P.S. If you’re looking for a new online magazine to follow, check out some of the new articles I have written for!

Brand Spotter: Alexander Wang

Spring Sandals: From Runways to Real Way

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