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what’s on your fanny?

April 8, 2011

Fanny Pack. Two words that once sent shivers down my spine. Two years ago when American Apparel began selling fanny packs, my friends insisted they were making a comeback. They argued that the practicality of a fanny pack mixed with the new stylish metallic colors was a recipe for success. I however, extremely disagreed. When I thought of fanny packs only one image came to mind, a family picture of us in Disney Land where my mother is accessorizing high wasted, acid washed jorts with a forest green Tigger fanny pack. I simply could not stand for my friends to fall into the same fate.

However, now I find myself wishing I hadn’t sworn off the fanny pack so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you accessorize your newest trendy bell bottoms with a fanny. I’m simply opening my mind, and closet, to new ideas. So for any future theme parties, tail gates or other strange college events that require hands free dance moves, I will now be prepared. As the Man Repeller says, ” to make a trend yours, you have to exploit it.” So, what did I do? Dare I say it, ordered a rhine stoned fanny pack, in the shape of a crab.

This crabby fanny was too rare to pass up.

Looking for your own special fanny? Check out, A fabulous sight for all the tailgate and party gear your heart could desire. Check out these fantabulous fannies!

Patriotic Fanny; nothing says, “I love America” like strapping your unmentionables to your muffin top.

Music fanny; because a guitar case is no safe place for all of you’r starving artist moola.

Drop down and get your fanny on!

A la fanny, a la tailgate, a la this is absurd, but awesome, and always…

A la mode,


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