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flat forms and platforms

April 14, 2011

My latest online shopping quest has been to find the perfect summer wedges. If you’ve been online searching as much as I have, you can see that seventies wooden platforms are THE shoes for this summer, and me wants some! I love this new take on wedges; deep wooden platforms and thicks leather straps, a perfect summer combination. With floral and neutrals being so popular, thick masculine platforms are the perfect unexpected accent to any girly summer ensemble. The only thing that has kept me from making a purchase is the fact that I am a giant. Any platform above three inches will a. prevent me from entering standard door frames, and b. cause every man I meet out to be completely emasculated. It’s strange how having a conversation with my chin isn’t appealing to college boys?

As I scavenge every shopping website available, I have found of few prized contenders that make emasculating the entire Indiana University male population a considerable side affect for sporting such beautiful shoes.

Flat Forms

Flat Forms by sherihickey featuring wedge heels

ZiGiNY wedge heels
$100 –

High heels
$78 –

Blowfish platform heels
$50 –

Rag & Bone Addington Wedge Sandals
$395 –
A la wedges, a la flat forms and always…
A la mode,
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