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just bust a move

September 27, 2011

If I leave to walk to class without my ipod, the day is off to a bad start. I have that bad boy plugged into my ears as much as humanly possible because it’s the closest I can get to having a personal soundtrack to my life.

The only flaw in being constantly “plugged in,” is the self-control I have to exert to keep myself from breaking into song and dance in public. Come on, you know what i’m talking about.  You spend hours downloading a killer playlist and then all you want to do is shake ya groove thang and fully enjoy the music, but the sheer terror of being gawked at by your peers is just enough to keep you from busting a move.

Sadly, my pleas to the Obama administration to forget unemployment and focus on legislation that prevents P.D.S, public dance shaming, have gone unanswered. Although you may not be able to dance in public without a severe loss in Facebook friends, I will still provide you with my new favorite playlist for walking to class.

WARNING: listening to this playlist in public may cause impulsive and often uncontrollable dancing and/or singing. Listen at your own discretion.

#1. Who doesn’t love Duck Sauces homage to everyones favorite large nosed thespian, Barbara Streisand. But if you’re really looking for a song that can get you out of bed for 8am Econ, you need something a little stronger. Introducing, a site that inserts your name into the infamous song.  Now you can concededly enjoy walking to class as a mystery techno background and some very repetitive oooing.

#2. Coldplay’s new song, “Paradise.”

#3. Vamos A Los Levels is a fabulous remix of Avicils’s “Levels” and “Vamos a la Playa.”

#4. Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks (Bridge and Law Remix)

#5. “Sail” by AwolNation is the perfect anthem to play when you have to go kick some ass on a test.

#6. “Higher Love” by James Vincent McMorrow

The last three are some of my favorite songs from The Kooks new album ‘Junk of the Heart.’

#7. “Rosie”

#8. “Is It Me

#9, Cover “All That She Wants”

#10. “Fuck The World Off


A la music, a la dancing, a la Public Displays of Musical Affection, and always…

A la mode,


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