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flat forms and platforms

April 14, 2011

My latest online shopping quest has been to find the perfect summer wedges. If you’ve been online searching as much as I have, you can see that seventies wooden platforms are THE shoes for this summer, and me wants some! I love this new take on wedges; deep wooden platforms and thicks leather straps, a perfect summer combination. With floral and neutrals being so popular, thick masculine platforms are the perfect unexpected accent to any girly summer ensemble. The only thing that has kept me from making a purchase is the fact that I am a giant. Any platform above three inches will a. prevent me from entering standard door frames, and b. cause every man I meet out to be completely emasculated. It’s strange how having a conversation with my chin isn’t appealing to college boys?

As I scavenge every shopping website available, I have found of few prized contenders that make emasculating the entire Indiana University male population a considerable side affect for sporting such beautiful shoes.

Flat Forms

Flat Forms by sherihickey featuring wedge heels

ZiGiNY wedge heels
$100 –

High heels
$78 –

Blowfish platform heels
$50 –

Rag & Bone Addington Wedge Sandals
$395 –
A la wedges, a la flat forms and always…
A la mode,

what’s on your fanny?

April 8, 2011

Fanny Pack. Two words that once sent shivers down my spine. Two years ago when American Apparel began selling fanny packs, my friends insisted they were making a comeback. They argued that the practicality of a fanny pack mixed with the new stylish metallic colors was a recipe for success. I however, extremely disagreed. When I thought of fanny packs only one image came to mind, a family picture of us in Disney Land where my mother is accessorizing high wasted, acid washed jorts with a forest green Tigger fanny pack. I simply could not stand for my friends to fall into the same fate.

However, now I find myself wishing I hadn’t sworn off the fanny pack so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you accessorize your newest trendy bell bottoms with a fanny. I’m simply opening my mind, and closet, to new ideas. So for any future theme parties, tail gates or other strange college events that require hands free dance moves, I will now be prepared. As the Man Repeller says, ” to make a trend yours, you have to exploit it.” So, what did I do? Dare I say it, ordered a rhine stoned fanny pack, in the shape of a crab.

This crabby fanny was too rare to pass up.

Looking for your own special fanny? Check out, A fabulous sight for all the tailgate and party gear your heart could desire. Check out these fantabulous fannies!

Patriotic Fanny; nothing says, “I love America” like strapping your unmentionables to your muffin top.

Music fanny; because a guitar case is no safe place for all of you’r starving artist moola.

Drop down and get your fanny on!

A la fanny, a la tailgate, a la this is absurd, but awesome, and always…

A la mode,


thank you grandpa

April 4, 2011

My last trip to Material Plane, my new favorite vintage store, left me with a fabulous thick knit wool sweater. Though it smelled and looked like grandpa, I still fell head over hills for the bulky beauty. After a trip to the dry cleaners and an increase in the temperature, I finally got to take my senior sweater for a spin. I paired it over my Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt Dress from American Apparel and with my Troops Boots from Steve Madden.

LaChicaRubia and I were feeling artsy so we took these picture in a paint room. Gotta love graffiti.

A la stealing a senior citizens wardrobe, a la paint, a la pictures and always…

A la mode,


summer lovin

March 29, 2011

I think we can all agree that we’re over winter. What was once a fun excuse to wear bulky knit sweaters is now just another hassle that requires me to cover up a cute outfit with a coat. In the hopes that spring will begin to rear its sunny head, I’ve put together some of my new favorite spring dresses from (donations accepted at any time)


Pocket dressNudes are taking over this spring. Embrace this trend with a mild baby doll dress. I love the lace panels and buttons that give this dress a young, laid back vibe.
$100 –

Ruffle dress. This retro inspired dress is a must have for spring. The simple polka dots make it refined and the deep v neck gives it a hint of sass. All a girl needs is some red lipstick and she is ready to go in this dress!
$88 –

Tent dress. From pool to party, this basic dress can be dressed up, or down for any occasion. The relaxed fit makes it the perfect go to dress for summer and  the light color is perfect for hiding any summer sweat.
$88 –

Floral wrap dress. I have been stalking this dress for about a month. I love how the pattern looks contrasted with the skinny belt.
$58 –

Floral tank dress. What a great take on the school girl look. The color makes the dress young and the pattern makes it trendy; combining the two makes this an awesome on-the-go dress for summer.
$58 –
A la spring, a la summer, and always…
A la mode,

Gaga Love

March 23, 2011

My apologies for not blogging this past two weeks! With spring break and mountains of homework, sadly Sheri A La Mode had to take a back seat. I’m trying to catch up on work so I can once again blog regularly, but for now, here are a few things to keep you busy!
#1. Some new articles I have written for Look up “Shoulder Sweeping Earrings: Trend or Fad?” or “Cheap Dates Have Fun on a Budget.”

#2. The new Lady Gaga interview from Google Goes Gaga. It will blow your mind. The interview further proves she fabulous, a brilliant artist and a great role model for letting you freak flag fly!

A la Gaga, a la love, and always…

A la mode,


vintage finds at Material Plane

March 6, 2011

Looking for unique, inexpensive vintage clothes? Look no further than Material Plane, a vintage clothing store located near Fourth and College in Bloomington, Indiana. Yesterday marked my first adventure to this vintage utopia and I am happy to say I have fallen in love.

The owner of Material Plane selects each piece by hand, ensuring authenticity and  beauty in each piece. Her impeccable taste is what make Material Plane stand out from the rest of Bloomington’s vintage stores. Filled with lavish fur coats, sixties mod dresses, vintage heels, and accessories that go on for days, Material Plane contains some of the vintage worlds most beautiful pieces at beyond bargain prices.

Last night, I had the pleasure of going to my very first opera; a performance of Faust. The voices, costumes, songs, and acting romanced me into a world of romance and delight. Not to mention it was the perfect opportunity to show off my new vintage leopard prints blouse.

I have been on the hunt for a blouse with a hanging bow for months now, and Material Plane finally put my search to rest. Here are some pictures of how I accessorized it for the opera!

Shirt from Material Plane, leggings from American Apparel and shoes from Urban Outfitters.

A la leopard, a la opera and of course…

A la mode,


i’ve got the funk

March 3, 2011

Every morning I drink a skinny soy vanilla latte from Starbucks. I love Netflix. I order all of my salads with the dressing on the side. I grew up in a suburb. I own lilac colored rain boots. My favorite movies include Austin Power’s The Spy Who Shagged Me and Music and Lyrics.

The following evidence all points to the fact that I am indeed white. Why is this important? Thanks to the transitive property, if a=b and b=c then a=c, it means I can’t dance.

Lord knows I try, but no matter how many Pussycat Doll workout videos I do, music videos I watch or stretches I preform, my dance moves always seem to resemble a household chore or appliance; the lawn mower, the washing machine, the q-tip, and an oldie but a goodie, the sprinkler.

I had finally come to terms with my practical, yet completely embarrassing and socially unacceptable dance moves after attending my first middle school mixer. I think it was the self consuming fear of having to grind that forced me to become comfortable with the title of “dancing outcast.” Up until today, I was content in knowing the outskirts of the dance floor was where I belonged. That is mostly because my gangly arms act as a weapon to anyone within five feet of my dancing radius. However, after yet another earth shattering Rock and Roll class with Glen Gass, the thin layer of content I once had has now been shattered.

Today we covered the history of Funk, and most importunely the impact James Brown had on the music industry. After watching numerous videos of James shaking his grove thang across the stage, my desire to dance like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, or even the Beibster himself was revived.

This video will rock your dancing world.

After one rolled ankle, an impressive rug burn, and one obscenely drenched sweat band, I have been again smacked with the realization that no matter how hard I try, I can’t and will never be able to dance.

Dear James Brown/Chris Brown and any other Brown that can dance,

Please marry me so that my children can have a fitting chance. A woman can only hope that her children will have a better life than her own, and for me that means that my kids will be moon walking by their second birthday and therefore never have to dance like a home appliance.


-Sheri a la mode