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if I went to the royal wedding…

April 29, 2011

I don’t know if you have heard, but apparently a wedding occurred this morning? Could the media cover this story a little more? Media coverage of the wedding started at 6 AM this morning! I don’t know about you, but my love for sleep heavily outweighs my interest in people with cute accents and bad teeth.

There is one aspect of the royal wedding that has caught my attention in full, the hats. Apparently it is a long standing tradition to wear obnoxious head pieces to royal weddings, and I am in full support of this tradition. I LOVE hats, and wish they were more prevalent in todays society. Fun historical fact, hats, especially in mens wear, dramatically declined in popularity after JFK was the first president to be inaugurated without wearing one.

I’ll let this one slide JFK considering how much I am in love with your wife. Thankfully William and Kate have picked up the slack and brought hats back into the spotlight.

I am fascinated by the Fascinator (ya see what I did there). A fascinator is a large head piece that is smaller than a hat and often is adorned with feathers, flowers, and diamonds. Kate Middelton made quite a scene when she stepped out wearing this feathered beauty by Vivienne Sheriff.

What better way to say , “Hey, i’m royal and rich now,” than to stick a giant bird on your head and adorn it with diamonds. If I had attended the royal wedding, these are some of the Rachel Trevor-Morgan hats  I would have loved to wear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A la England,  a la Kate looked beautiful, a la hats. The royal wedding was so…

A la mode,


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