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A taste of Turkey

February 17, 2011

While embarking on my culinary quest to eat my way through Bloomington I found the holy grail of Turkish food. Anatolia is an adorable mom and pop restaurant located on fourth street inside an old house which has been painted purple and covered in christmas lights. Inside you will find some of the best and most authentic Turkish food in Bloomington.

For an appetizer I ate a fabulous red-lentil soup which tasted like a thinly pureed and heavily seasoned tomato soup. As for my main course, I devoured a chicken breast stuffed with feta and spinach. My sister Diane ate a calzone like breaded pizza with spinach and feta and Christine ordered a chicken kabob with tzatziki. Each of our meals came with a salad that would remind you of coleslaw but with olive oil instead of mayonnaise (yummy!).We ate so much food we had to sit at the table for an extra half hour just to digest.

I challenge everyone to embark on a culinary quest all their own. Consider it an easy way to save money while simultaneously traveling to the ends of the earth with your taste buds.

A la Turkey, a la Turkish food, a la I’m full, and always…

A la mode


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