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wide leg wonder

February 8, 2011

“She stands tall at five-foot ten,” a direct quote from the first day of ninth grade when my demon of a teacher asked us to describe the person sitting next to us. Naturally, the sweetheart sitting next to me chose that to be her opening sentence and I have been mocked for it ever since. I’ve grown to love being tall, but it presents a giant challenge, pun intended, for finding pants that are long enough. My recent solution has been wearing cigarette jeans. I love the classic slim fit, but my ankles are starting to freeze. This craving for some extra fabric has led me to re-discover the wide leg jean. I have fallen head over heels, or in my case tripped head over flats, for these Bette 70’s wide legged jeans from J Brand. The high waste and wide leg combination makes your legs go on for miles while simultaneously sucking in your muffin top. What a beautiful union. Though they cost 219$, I used to demonstrate their worthiness for a splurge. Check out how they can transition from daytime to party time. I hope you love these jeans as much as I do.

Wide Leg Jeans

Wide Leg Jeans by sherihickey featuring suede lace up boots

Mae Stripe Tee – People Tree
22 GBP –
Stripe tee »

Crochet Vest
90 AUD –
Crocheted vests »

tina leigh rustic boot
$108 –
Suede lace up boots »

A la wide leg, a la denim, and always…
A la mode,
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