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Black and White B-Town Bliss

January 19, 2011

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I have a new love and it is Bloomington, Indiana. This small town I know call home has completely captivated me with it’s eclectic vintage stores, unbelievable record stores, and ethnic mom and pop restaurants. This past Sunday my sister Christine, from LaChicarubia, and I scavenged Bloomington to take pictures of our favorite B-town boutiques. Consider this my homage to Bloomington in Black and White. Pictures that are clean, simple, and classic, just like Bloomington.

#1. Street Artists who wear dinosaur jackets.

#2. Eco-friendly students who ride bikes to school.

#3. Murals around town.

#4. There are two Starbucks with in forty feet of each other.

#5. Greetings, the only shop which celebrates Bloomington’s hatred of Purdue and drinking in the same store.

#6. The amazing record store Tracks.

#7. The small ethnic restaurants around town. My favorites include Laughing Planet, Siam House, and Anatolia.

A la Indiana, a la Bloomington, a la home, and always…

A la mode,


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