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Girl Put Your Records On

January 12, 2011

Unfortunately my lovely roommate Cailey Crammer decided to transfer last semester, leaving me now roommate less. Thanks to my extremely informative R.A, Resident Assistant, I have  been told that no roommate has been assigned to my room, although anyone could show up and knock on the door to move in for the next two weeks. Therefore I should leave one bed, one desk and one closet open. At first I obeyed the open ended threat. However, now I find myself questioning a new roommates arrival all together. At first I was cautious and restrained myself from taking over the entire room, but eight days later I found my room has been completely re-decorated, re-arranged and somehow all of my belongings have seaked refuge in my roommates open closet.

With my newfound decorating freedom, I was puzzled on how to decorate on a budget. Posters are fine, large picture frames are too expensive, and apparently Anthropologie is not comfortable with a borrowing policy. You would be surprised how touchy they get when you try to stuff a two-hundred dollar antique mirror in your purse, that was awkward.

Slowly the stark walls surrounding my room began to drive me mad, and then the rock gods smiled at me. The answer was simple. While walking down Kirkwood I stumbled upon Tracks, a discount record store. Two hours, forty dollars and five albums later, I was armed and ready to make my house, or what is more like a cubicle, a home.

I now have the three best roommates in the world, Elton John, Madonna and Eric Clapton.

Using albums as wall decoration helped me to get way more bang for my buck. First, buying used records drops the price dramatically from around 25$ per album to about 8$. My original plan was just to hang the covers and toss the actual records. What was I thinking? later realizing they would also make amazing wall art, I worked them into the record collage next to the covers. The final bonus? Records come with cases or often printed paper liners. These vintage gems also made it on my wall creating what I believe to be the best dorm room ever.

A la Elton, a la Madonna, a la Eric Clapton, records are totally…

A La Mode,


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