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Giving the Gift of Truffles

December 23, 2010

Giving Christmas gifts is no easy task. Forget the difficulty in finding the perfect present for someone who seems to have everything, the real challenge comes when deciding between gift worthy friends, and those receiving free hugs for the holidays. The solution to this awkward dilemma is the same solution I have to most problems, food. Baking or cooking small treats for friends are the perfect inexpensive gift that says I am thinking of you while simultaneously not applying pressure for a gift in return. Each year I choose a new christmas dessert recipe to give out to friends. However, we all know that around the holidays food is a common gift so it is important to be original and unique. This year I chose to make milk and white chocolate truffles with a dark chocolate shell.

Do not be afraid of the truffle, it may sound intimidating, but I promise it is not. However, if you would rather search for your own recipe, may I suggest you follow my 3 critereas for Yuletide yummies…

#1. Is it easy to make in mass quantities?

#2. Is the recipe easy to follow and does it allow for error?

#3. Can I make the recipe multiple times throughout the week? If the recipe needs to be made in stages, is there a time restraint?

Considering how busy December can be, it is important to chose a recipe that fits your schedule. If you prefer a jam packed 4 hour bake session, cookies are great. Enjoy cooking over a few days in small time interval, meet my truffles. I found the recipe on Not Without Salt.

Overal it took me three days to completely finish the project. I personally prefer to cook in small time intervals over a long period of time so the truffles were perfect. Here are some pictures of my endeavor…

Packaging can be easy and inexpensive. I went to Walgreens and purchased holiday tins for 1.99$ each, and then lined each tin with wax paper.

“There is never an occasion too small for a giant bow.”

In the end I made milk and white chocolate truffles with a dark chocolate shell covered in sprinkles and candy canes.

Helpful tips:

– Crushing Candy Canes is no easy task. Try removing the plastic, then placing them in wax paper covered by a cloth towel. Then use a large flat object to crush them. Note: Candy Canes stick to fabric so do not crush them directly into a towel.

-Consider crumbling extra candy cane to put directly in the ganache. Don’t be afraid to be creative, heath bars, dried fruit, and nuts would all taste amazing in the ganache as well.

-Remember the recipe can be made over a long period of time, but the ganache is best in the first week.

-Do not place the truffles in the freezer.

Hope everyone is enjoying a candy filled, button bursting Holiday season.

A la Chocolate, A la truffle, and this season I will always be…

A La Mode…


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