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My Favorite Distractions

December 8, 2010

With finals fast approaching, I made the responsible choice to have my friend Kara change my Facebook password so that I wouldn’t waste precious study time stalking distant friends from high school.  However, I’ve found that even without Facebook I have a plethora of broadband distractions.

My gift to you all this Christmas is an abundance of media amusement that should guarantee at least a letter drop on each  of your finals. (Sadly my auto-link button isn’t working but type the site into your browser or google and it should work)

#1. Follow Andy, a young Spanish journalist as she investigates the world of Fashion in Amsterdam on If you’re looking for great style at an affordable price, she’s your girl. Bonus, she writes all of her posts in spanish and in english so if you’re trying to study for a spanish final, consider this good practice.

#2. My mom loves to walk our dog at night so that she can see inside everyones houses in the neighborhood. No, my mother is not a stalker, but loves to see how people decorate their homes. If you have a harmless yet creepy love for decorating like my mom, it’s time you check out, where genius Tom Selby ventures into the houses of Hollywoods elite as well as regular Joe shmo’s, capturing the essence of how someone turns a house into a home.

The Selby at Karl Legerfeild's home

#3. I  find myself daily battling autocorrect on my Droid when it comes to texting. How odd is it that my phone allows me to access the internet no matter my location and can give me directions to anywhere on the planet with press of a button yet it can’t realize that i’m asking my roommate for cotton balls not condom malls. My friend Lucy recently pointed me to this hysterical site. If you need a stress reliever from finals, or are just looking for a good laugh, go to, a site where people post hysterical texts which have been altered by autocorrect in the best ways possible.

#4. Whats not to love about weddings? Cake and the most beautiful dress you will purchase in your entire life, yes please! Sadly being 18, none of my friends are getting married and for some reason wedding invitations from extended family have escaped my mailbox. So I have turned to my favorite blog A place where brides upload pictures from their weddings and then provide a heartfelt description of the special day and how the wonderful couple fell in love.

#5. I tired to get my family to participate in a Treky themed Christmas card but sadly was rejected. Looks like these guys had better luck than I did. Enjoy some of the worlds most disturbing family photos at

#6. My favorite site to download new jams is Downloads are easy, free and the site is updated daily.

Hope you enjoy these internet distractions as much as I do!

A la laughs, A la weddings, A la akward families, and always….

A La Mode,


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