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It’s Better to Give Than to Recieve

December 6, 2010

As Christmas fast approaches I can’t help but begin to make my mental Christmas list. Not just for gifts I hope to receive, but for gifts to give loved ones as well. Lord knows I was not blessed with great dance moves, I will never understand mathmatics, and no matter how many times I try, I will never be able to touch my toes. However, I do have one redeaming quality, and that is my freak gift for giving great gifts.

I have no idea why, but I have a strange ability to remember odd objects and events people mention they love on a day to day basis. One time my friend Devin told me she loved receiving cards in the mail, so for her birthday I sent her a different birthday card via snail mail each day of the week.  Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive. Often times remembering the small things people love means far more than the amount of digits on a price tag.

My favorite gift I have ever given was the unique present I gave my dad last christmas. One day my sisters and I were pestering him because he no longer draws, my Dad used to take art lessons as a child and is still an amazing drawer. He told us he would draw but never has time set aside to do so. So for Christmas, I decided to give him time to draw. I signed us up to take a 6 week long art class focused on drawing caricatures. Not only did we enjoy spending time together, but he really did enjoy having time to draw again.  Here are some drawings from class!

Other gift ideas for Christmas 2010…

Have a tech savy boyfriend or a texting obsessed little sister? Consider buying them a powermat. How cool are these? They are customizable mats, according to the electronics you need to charge, and allow you to charge multiple devices at once without chords. Any traveler would be happy to not have to lug around charging chords this Christmas season and would love a powermat.

Know a movie lover? I can’t wait for Despicable me to be released  to DVD December 14th. I guarantee whoever receives this movie will love it. It’s great for all ages, and has humor everyone will enjoy! However, if your recipient isn’t the cartoon type, remember seasons of TV shows or a set of DVD classics are always great gifts. Consider packaging a set of movie genres that fit together and are tailored to the recipients taste.

I happen to have many music lovers on my giving list this season and although pricey, these 60.00$ headphones from Urban Outfitters are an amazing gift for all the rocking hipsters in your life. They come in 6 different outrageous colors, sea foam is my favorite, and block out surrounding noise.

Nail polish is a great stocking stuffer and an easy gift to have on hand for last minute gatherings. The OPI fall 2010 Swiss collection has a plethora of warm winter colors any girl would love. My sister Christine just purchased the silver shade and we have been sporting it for the entire month of December.You can also buy a sample size pack with a variety of colors, how cute!

Another great gift is a customized calendar. Apple’s Iphoto, and make it very easy to create a crafty calendar filled with personalized pictures of you and your friends. **Now on you can get a 25% discount on custom calendars until December 31st!

During the holidays a lot of mothers are often in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies, and cooking is no excuse to look frumpy. Check out these adorable aprons from Any mom would be proud to sport these classy and sophisticated aprons! also has a gift finder search engine, check it out here.

My personal favorite gift aids my newfound Starbucks addiction. If you are ever in a hurry and need a fast gift, stop by Starbucks and get an adorable travel mug and hide the best gift of all in it, a Starbucks gift card.

Hope these gift ideas get the creative Christmas juices flowing!

A la Christmas, A la gifts, and always…

A La Mode,


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