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Sexier Than It Seams

December 3, 2010

Yesterday in my Apparel Merchandising class we covered the history of fashion from 1910-1960. I absolutely love my teacher Professor Christiansen because she always fills lectures with interesting, fun fashion facts. For example, have you seen the popular new style of tights that have a seam running all the way up the back of the leg? Nowadays their seen as sexy and provocative, but in the 1920’s they were considered professional. When department stores began popping up across the nation, saleswomen were required to wear hose because exposing their bare legs at work was far to risque. However, the idea of your boss running his hand up and down your leg to, “check,” if you’re wearing panty hose was not exactly ideal. How to solve this daring dilemma? Women were required to wear panty hose with a vertical seam up the leg so that their superiors could quickly observe whether their legs were covered or not.

Dior's New Look, it may not be what saleswomen wore, but it's too fabulous to not post a picture of when talking about the 1940's.

Now this once work appropriate accessory has taken a sexy twist. When my sister Diane came home with these tights we immediately had a photo shoot. Thanks Diane for introducing me to an oldie but a goody.

May I suggest everyone put these on their list for santa. Not only are they great for Christmas parties and staying warm, but they can easily go from day to night AND they have them at Target! How great do they look with Diane’s new rose petal textured dress?


A la fifties, A la hose, A looking good. And always…

A La Mode,


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