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And Thats Why God Created Elastic…

November 26, 2010

I can safely say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year and by 4pm yesterday I had ate enough food to keep me full for a week. Most people celebrate Thanksgiving with a lot of extended family members having awkward unwanted small talk while in uncomfortably fancy clothes, but my family has our own unique spin. Every year my Thanksgiving goes a little something like this…

Starting with the night before, I put on m favorite pajamas and  embrace the fact that I can sleep in until whatever time my heart desires the next day.

10 am (Thanksgiving day) – I wake up and lazily get out of bed to brush my teeth. Immediately I head downstairs toward my basement which we have nick named “The Cave,” because you can rot down there for weeks without seeing day light. As I shuffle to the basement I pit stop in the kitchen for coffee and to say thank you to my mom while she begins to prepare my favorite meal of the year.

10:10 am – I curl up on the couch in the basement, normally with my sisters, and we watch movies until we hear my favorite two words…

3:00 pm – “Foods Ready!” Alleluia! I sprint upstairs to guarantee my favorite seat and then begin to shovel the delicious grub into my mouth. It isn’t pretty, but once that plate is set in front of me I can’t help myself. Every year my mom makes the following…

-Turkey, this year we used a Brine, which made the turkey very moist.

– Broccoli cheddar and bread crumb casarole. I know it sounds gross, but one bite and you will be in heaven.

– pear jello

– Sweet potatoes, my favorite!

– Stuffing

– Mashed Potatoes, this is the only food my dad cooks all year and boy is he proud of them. It’s pretty entertaining watching him add the salt and butter to taste, frantically making sure they are the perfect consistency. Half of our family likes them to be textured and the others like them as runny as can be, so you can see the stress Jim is under to meet everyone in the middle.

– and always Pumpkin and French Silk pie yum.

3:30 pm –  I am officially in a food coma. This coma is not your average sleepiness and slight tightening of the pants, it’s the kind of coma where you feel as though you have been impregnated by a pilgrim. At this point I waddle with a stomach full of pride back into the basement until I can move again to get late night seconds of pie.

I know exactly what I am thankful for, and that is elastic. Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where having a waistband that can stretch at least two extra sizes is a must.

Here are some pictures I snapped through out the holiday, hope you are all still as full as I am!

A la food, A la Family, A la elastic. I am so thankful for all of you who take time out of your day to read…

A La Mode



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