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My Favorite Things

November 21, 2010

I rush home from class. I am now panting and breaking a sweat from my intense power walk up the  mountain my dorm sits on. One sprint up the stairs, a swipe of my key card and I am so close to it I can barely reach for the remote. Suddenly it begins, what seams like an average episode and then my ears are tickled by a screeching monotone bear like yell of Oprah saying my four favorite words, “It’s my favorite things!” Yes ladies and gentleman, Oprah revealed her Favorite things on friday and boy was I thrilled. Although while watching the episode I balance on a fine line between jealousy and adoration, I still love to experience the eventful giveaway. Watching Oprah give away her favorite new toys made me wonder, what are my favorite things?

This year I have come to obsess over a few items that keep my body warm and my pants buttons flying. First and most importantly, I have fallen in love with my Urban Outfitters army jacket. Not only do I wear it almost everyday, but it matches everything. My sister Christine invested in a similar coat from Urban Outfitters as well and we could not be more pleased with our patriotic purchases. Here are some picture of us in our new favorite garb.

Another one of my favorite things is a new blog I have found called Not Without Salt. The writer and creator is a pastry chef from California who makes amazing desserts and takes even better pictures. I promise one glance at the chocolate chip cookies and your mouth will be watering. I made her homemade twix bar recipe last week and it was such a hit, I am making it again tomorrow. (pictures to follow)

Last, but certainly not least, I am happy to announce the arrival of Starbucks

Holiday drinks. I personally am addicted to the peppermint mocha, and if

you order it without the whip cream and chocolate shavings you’re a fool.

I have already enjoyed a few this fall and hope to feed my addiction

frequently this holiday season. I can promise you all, peppermint mochas

are what will get me through finals week!

In honor of my green friend Nina, may I suggest purchasing one of these green

travel mugs?

Not only do they benefitAids relief, but they score you 10 cents off every drink when you provide the cup!

I just bought this one in celebration of the holidays. I just couldn’t resist!

A la Oprah, A la peppermint mocha. If only it came…

A La Mode


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  1. November 21, 2010 11:49 pm

    who’s the hot blonde?

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