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Travel Survival Kit

November 20, 2010

As I prepare to fly home for thanksgiving I am reminded that once again the Boy Scout motto “always be prepared,” applies to everything. With all of the obstacles you go through at an airport, it is essential you bring your travel survival kit. Losing your hearing from a screaming baby? You better have headphones. Score a seat next to Typhoid Mary? Good thing you took Airborne that morning. And my personal favorite, when you get stuck behind the Golden Sunshine retirement homes annual mahjong trip in security and wait as every member is reminded that they haven’t flown on a plane since Nam, actually, and take what seams like a lifetime to get through security.

Yes traveling can be a pain, but I promise if you follow my survival kit you will get through it!

The essentials;

1. Wake up and take an airborne to prevent the mobile mucus they call a passenger, who of course is sitting next to you, from ruining your vacation.(Grape fruit is my favorite)

2. Pack a great travel bag to carry with you on the plane that has many easily accesible pockets. This is key considering the amount of times you have to whip out your I.D to prove you are not a drug smuggler or a terrorist. May I suggest three wonderful bags that will make traveling a breeze.

1. The Sak Juniper Flap Shoulder bag 54.99 at

Simple, chic and cheap!

2. Ecote Faux Fur Backpack 68.00$ at

Faux fur is in and here to stay. I am a huge fan, but if your still a bit skeptical, considering trying a small dose of it with this adorable backpack.

3. Pendelton Plaid Weekender bag 198.00$ at

I mostly prefer flannel on a skinny man with a beanie cap strumming a guitar, but I would totally settle for this adorable weekender. A bit pricey, but well worth the buy. Everyone needs a weekender.

5. What to pack in the carry on?

-Ipod with good headphones. I would suggest splurging on some high quality sony head phones. Not only do they drown out all sound, but they don’t go into your ear canal and hurt your hearing.

-A rocking lipstick. No matter how oily your face may be or dry your hair may become, lipstick always makes you look better. This Korres shade is great for every day use.

-Hand sanitizer, who knows what you’ve been touching, ish.

-Hand lotion


4. What to wear? I find when I travel  I place comfort on the top of my priority list and style as a close second. My ultimate travel outfit consists of leggings, some kind of cotton dress or sweater and boots. Leggings give you the ultimate mix of comfort and style and  boots are great because their easy to slip on and off when going through security. My last favorite thing to wear when i’m traveling is a new and daring accessory. Airports are the ultimate arena to try a unique fashion item because your surrounded by strangers. Who cares if they think the huge beaded bird feather on top of your head is obnoxious, you love it and thats all that matters. Here is my dream travel ensemble for the weekend.

flannel boots

+ a ballsy fashion forward fur vest for 98.00$from

+ Leggings

+ An inexpensive forest green long sleeve shirt from forever 21 for 10.80$

= One fabulous outfit to travel in!

Hope the travel kit is a help to everyone coming home for the holidays. I’ll leave you with my two favorite movie quotes on traveling…

George Clooney in Up in the Air, “Never get behind old people. Their bodies are littered with hidden metal and they never seem to appreciate how little time they have left. Bingo, Asians. They pack light, travel efficiently, and they have a thing for slip on shoes. Gotta love ’em.”

And of course Zack Galifinakis in The Hangover, “It’s not illegal it’s frowned upon, like masterbating on an airplane.”

A la comfort, A la style, A la travel and always…

A La Mode,


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