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Rain Rain Come My Way!

November 19, 2010

As many of my friends can attest, I love rainy days. The mornings I wake up to nothing but gloom and doom outside my window are my favorite. Rain gives me an excuse to rot in my basement and A. enjoy a new Lifetime movie on psychotic roommates or pregnancy packs in secrecy or B. read next to the fireplace if i’m feeling very studios. Let’s be honest we know which option actually happens…

On the sad days I can’t hide out in my TV cave I do have one thing to look forward to, RAINBOOTS! Although many may disagree with me I just can’t justify wearing them when there isn’t water streaking down my window, but when there is torrential down poor boy do I have the perfect footwear. This year was the first time I invested in a pair of my very own rain boots and boy have they come in handy. I never realized just how functional they are! No longer will I walk around to the anthem of water screeching out from the soles of my converse, but I will walk in the light sporting my new, adorable violet rain boots! Props to my friend Panda, a fellow discount shopper who pointed me to these boots!

For those of us on a budget, Target has an amazing variety of rain booties! I am however slightly disappointed with the thin quality of Targets sock liners so I would suggest going for the high-low price option. Buy the Target boots, and splurge on some adorable Hunter Boot Liners.

As I sit and enjoy a rainy day in Bloomington, I find myself jamming to the ultimate rainy day playlist! Enjoy!

A la rain, A la boots, A la musica and of course…

A La Mode,


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  1. Panda permalink
    November 19, 2010 12:56 pm

    thanks for the shout out Sher 🙂 loving that elton john cover I downloaded that the other day believe it or not! also, brilliant to buy hunter liners because then it looks like you actually have hunter boots ha HA! love you a la mode, blog on.

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