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November 17, 2010

For some reason this happens to be a re-occuring event in my life-

I wake up to no alarm assuming it’s a saturday and take my time to lounge in bed. I stretch, let out a yawn; gotta love the smell of diluted beer breath in the morning,and about ten minutes later, I look at the clock and realize not only is it friday and my alarm didn’t go off, but I have ten minutes to get my butt to class…great. As I quickly compile my life into my backpack and sprint to class, I begin what I have now named “the juggle”; my attempt to simultaneously use my phone, camera, I.D and listen to my ipod all while power walking to class. Sadly i’m not using my phone to text back the millions of boyfriends I have, but to check the constant countdown for my late arrival to class.

Why is this problem? The last three weeks in a row I have lost my I.D on campus while preforming this juggle. Rendering me A. Homeless, B. Hungry, and C. 20$ more broke than I was before.

So College Fashionistas, how to fix this expensive problem? What time is it? Time to get a WATCH. Our generation may now rely solely on our phones or ipods to tell us the time, but I am here to tell you a watch is the way to go. Not only is it a killer accessory, but the act of looking at your wrist to find the time makes you feel brilliant and wise.

So here is the fix. Being a broke college student I went online to but was disappointed by their prices and lack of options. So, why not use someone’s old watch? I called my wonderful dad Jim and asked if he had any old watches lying around. To my surprise, Jim was hiding four old watch faces which he had received when working for different companies. One 10$ battery from a nearby jewelry store and a 15$ new Seiko wrist band later , I had the perfect watch. I love that every time I check the time, I’m reminded of my loving dad and the fact that I don’t have to preform that dangerous juggle again!

So ladies go out and rummage! Find the watch of your dreams and on a college budget! Here are some pictures of me and my new favorite accessory!

Spotted, my new watch looking fabulous.

Why hide my favorite accessory under a sleeve? wear it over!

A La Dad, A la time, A la for cheap, and always…

A La Mode


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